Tips for pole

Pole dancing moves and tips for getting them.


Move Pic Vid Tip Source
Cupid     - Squeeze your butt to move hips forward
- Imagine you are crushing a watermelon between your thighs
Invert     - Rip the pole apart
- Bump your butt into the ceiling
marlofisken, nokolalalalalala
Around the world     - Grab inside hand, step inside foot next to pole
- It’s a transfer of weight
Knee grip     - Extend leg, rotate knee down so back of knee faces pole. Squeeze the pole with your knee feeling the grip on both sides of the back of the knee. Move into position. belliott1516
Hamster wheel     - Grab inside hand
- Walk around faster and faster
- Aim for 3 steps around the pole
Fly spin     - Step inside foot far to the front
- Circular swing outside foot
- Look towards pole when turning back
- If you are falling, need more space
Climbing     - One foot in front one behind the pole
- Squeeze between knees
- Push from the feet up

- Butt out, kick pole
- Lower elbow bracket.
- Look out to the people (rather than down)

- Move contact point higher on shin away from tendons
nokola, marlofisken-2, marlofisken-1
Dynamic Flexibility     - Plank - try reaching your elbows to your toes
- Front split - squeeze butt and front hip flexor
- Plank - try reaching your elbows to your toe
- Frog - crush watermelon between hips
Straight legs 😍     - point ankles
- shove knees to back wall
- warm up with pointed legs!

- Ankle roll
- Point, pedal, flex
- L-lift
- Leg lifts
Ballerina     - One handed fly angel spin nokola
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